To make your mealtime easier, it doesn't end when you leave the store. Check out our recipe section here or ask one of the team in store the best way to cook the meat if you are unsure. Our varied range of quality meats (at a modest price) will help you learn more about making your meals go further and making those same meals even tastier.


When it comes to preparing meat, years of experience, a capable and skilled team and plenty of advice is why our experience counts. We have high quality- control procedures; both in terms of the meat we source and the way we prepare it. Our staff are knowledgeable on all facets of the butcher trade, so that all of our meat is prepared professionally and with due care.


Every Farmer Jones team member understands different cuts of meat, best uses and practices. They understand seasonal variation and how to make the most of seasonal meal planning. When you purchase a Farmer Jones Product, you can bet it will as fresh as possible and you won't find all the complicated additives in our meat, all you'll find is goodness.

                        Meats since 1975, At Farmer Jones we’ve been showing what it takes to become "The Great New Zealand Butchery" for over 30 years. Our involvement with the community at a grass roots level is something we are very proud of as a business.


Our 'trailer barbecues' always support everything local - from schools and sports clubs to Christmas in the Park. If you are interested in using one of our trailer barbecues for your next event, pop in and have a chat sometime.